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Every week is Holy Week in Sevilla

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Although still busy with football and other stuff, I did a travel piece last week for top English language Spanish comment and news website Iberosphere, advising people that the best time to learn about Semana Santa in Sevilla is when it’s not Easter. That might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but given the crowds and hassle of holy week in the city, and the way Sevillanos spend the rest of the year preparing for Easter, it does kinda make sense. Here’s a taster…

El SeƱor del Gran Poder, carved in 1620 by Holy Week master Juan de Mesa, now resides in a purpose-built basilica on Plaza de San Lorenzo. The deep-purple, cloaked, dark wooden figure dominates the building from his post over the altar, with a mix of intense agony and weary acceptance carved deep into his face. Such sublime pain can be difficult for modern non-believers to fathom, but was presumably deeply resonant when the Spanish Inquisition was burning heretics. Steps beside the altar bring you right up close to the Great Power, for female visitors to kiss his shiny wooden heel.

The rest of the piece is through here on the Iberosphere site. Enjoy. Hopefully.

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Written by dermot

October 6th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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