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How to get the best out of staff

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sitting comfortably

One of the things I miss out on as a freelancer is an annual performance appraisal from the boss. So it was interesting to do a feature on appraisals for last Sunday’s Business Post.

I spoke with Stephanie Duffy, business improvement manager with Russell Brennan Keane, Louise Campbell, managing director, Robert Walters Ireland and Joe Ungemah, managing consultant with SHL Ireland, to get an idea of the latest thinking around how to conduct such reviews, especially with the downturn and all.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the words ‘change’ and ‘productivity’ popped up more regularly in the interviews than the words ‘fat automatic salary bump’. Still, the main gist of the piece was that regular appraisals were beneficial for both employer and employee:

‘In difficult market conditions, appraisals are often put on the back burner, while employees concentrate on holding on to their job, and employers are too busy with business-critical matters,” said Campbell. ‘‘This is understandable, but a mistake. An appraisal is a great platform to set out clear benchmarks that people need to achieve to improve their productivity and move to the next level of their career.”

The full feature is through here on website.

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January 27th, 2010 at 11:02 am

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Q. Who wants to work for Nama? A. Lots of people.

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Help wanted

I had a – pretty interesting and timely I reckons – story in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post about the type of jobs that will be created within the agency while it tries to sort out the property / banking mess in Ireland, and what types of people might be interested in helping out.

The answer, it seems, is a good few jobs (at least 75 positions) and lots of interested people (2,500 unsolicited CVs before recruitment even begun).

Here’s a couple of the choice quotes from the article:

‘‘Since Nama was conceived there has been massive interest and a high level of enquiry – particularly among senior candidates,” said Shay Dalton, managing director of the Lincoln Group. ‘‘All you have to do is look at the level of applications that Nama has received directly to judge the level of interest.”

‘‘A significant number of jobseekers we have spoken to have applied directly, with experience levels varying from those recently qualified to very senior individuals,” said David Byrnes, manager of accountancy practice, legal and international with Brightwater. ‘‘The indications are that Nama is looking to recruit seasoned professionals with significant experience in their field. There will be a definite focus on professionals with an objective perspective across the main market players.”

Also interesting to learn was that each of the participating banks has put together ‘Nama teams’ to liaise with the agency / present themselves well / get good deals, so there are also specialist valuation, legal and asset management jobs going there, despite trumpeted recruitment freezes.

For more about all this click through here to the SBP’s site for the full article.

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January 18th, 2010 at 5:09 pm

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More good green jobs news

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I had a ‘done deal’ story in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post, focusing on an investment of €920,000 from the 2008 Davy BES Fund in Cork company McGill Environmental Systems (Ireland).

McGill’s chairman Noel Lyons said the planned expansion, which will create 15 high-skill jobs, made sense given the massive scarcity of similar facilities in Ireland at present.

‘‘Environmental regulations are the ultimate driver of our business. To comply with EU regulations, several hundred thousand tonnes of organic waste a year must be recycled in Ireland. The up and running capacity at the moment is a fraction of what will be required,” he said.

You can click through here for the full story on the SBP website.

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January 18th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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New system proposed for labour disputes

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First post here for 2010 points to the last article I had in the Sunday Business Post in 2009. It was a feature on a recent proposal by the Labour Relations Commission to introduce a new formally binding voluntary arbitration procedure to better and faster resolve industrial relations disputes in Ireland.

‘‘In the current changed business environment, in both public and private sectors, we cannot hang around now for forever circling negotiations in ever increasing fora,” the LRC’s chief executive Kieran Mulvey said. ‘‘I would suggest that, where the partners agree that they have been negotiating for a long time, and are evidently not going to get an agreement, there could be an option of an arbitration that they would both have to accept. It would fast-track what has been a long series of negotiations to a successful conclusion.”

The feature included generally favourable comments on the proposal from Ibec director Brendan McGinty, Liam Berney, industrial officer at ICTU and Melanie Crowley, partner at Mason Hayes & Curran Solicitors. You can read it on the Sunday Business Post website by clicking here.

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January 4th, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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